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Fujisawa, Kanagawa, JAPAN


We can supply whole goods of kimono.

For example, Kimono, Obi, Hakama, Haori, Michiyuki, Yukata, Juban ( underwear ), Tabi ( socks ), Zori ( shoes ), Koshi himo ( under cord ), Datejime ( under belt ) and so on.

Wer handle not only secondhand, but also brand new.  

We can also supply made-to-order. If you need a kimono that fits your size, we will be able to help your requirement. 

The other hands, we can supply various kinds of Japanese traditional arts and crafts; Tsuba ( sword guard ) , Hanko ( seal ), Goshuin cho ( temple and shrine sign note ), and so on.

If you have a interest in Japanese goods, please contact us freely. 

Kimono Selling

We have a lot of Kimono and Kimono goods.We mainly sell secondhand and unused kimonos but regarding small goods such as Zori, Kishihimo, Tabi, etc, we mainly supply brand new goods.

If you need to wear kimono traditionally or correctly, please remember our shop.

We have many unused Tanmonos ( fabric rolls ). We can supply made-to-order kimonos reasonably.


Some of my friends are artist and craftsman and collector of Japanese goods. I would like to inform you of such as Japanese goods. 

Please find your favorite one.

Other Japanese Goods