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September 17, 2018

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April 19, 2018

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WAKU : my favorite restaurant in KAMAKURA

July 10, 2017

The end of last month, it was a rainy day.

I planned to enjoy seeing lotus flower at Hasu ike pond.

However, it became rainy, but rain brought a new idea.

Okamisan my superior and I went to Kamakura to visit my friend's restaurant.

Kamakura is very famous town of hydrangea, it was very crowded between June.

Fortunately, the rainy day was not crowded.

WAKU is the name of restaurant.

My friend is a manager of WAKU.


WAKU is new and clean restaurant.

In the room, light is soft and calm, we were very comfort and relaxing.


Dishes were very delicious and full of seasonal feelings.

I was moved.

And I really respected my friend Keiko-san because she manages such an amazing place!


 I felt it needs same feelings wearing kimono and Japanese cooking.

The most important feeling of Japanese is seasonal feeling.


We select kimono season by season.

Our old calendar says there are seventy-two seasons in Japan.

We needs sensitive feeling of season.


We were healed by wonderful dishes and Japanese Sake.



I wore Shibori Yukata as Hitoe kimono,

Okamisan wore White Oshima and tied Hakata kenjo Obi.


My Shibori was produced in Narumi, Nagoya.

Nagoya is my hometown.

So Narumi shibori is the most favorite kimono.


The pattern of my kimono is dragonfly.

In Japan, dragonfly is very festive creature because they move to forward only.They can not fall back.

Therefore, dragonfly was called victory insect .

Especially samurai liked dragonfly.


I hope that WAKU will prosper and loved a lot of people....



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