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September 17, 2018

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April 19, 2018

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Why don't you try Fundoshi?

July 31, 2017


Do you know Fundoshi?

It is an traditional underwear for men.

Before rubber has come to Japan, Japanese men wrapped Fundoshi : long cloth with long rope as an underpants.


Recently Fundoshi is reevaluated by young people, especially designers.

In addition, Fundoshi was originally worn by men, but women wear Fundoshi and/or improved it.


On sunny and windy July day, i went to Kamakura to join Workshop of making Fundoshi pants. It was pleasant time for me.



It was opened at Ichigeya cafe, Hase, Kamakura.

This cafe is very popular because foods and drinks are very tasty, and sells many kinds of Tenuguis.

Tenugui is traditional handkerchief.

Generally speaking, tenugui is dyed traditional method ( Chusen in Japanese ) .

It is a kind of stencil dyeing.

At that day, we made a Fundshi pants using Tenugui.


Teacher is Ms. Yuko Yano.

She is an active designer lives is Beppu, Oita.

She frequently goes to Tokyo and other cities, teaches unique clothes to many people.



 I like sewing.

It is first time to make Fundoshi.

Some people join to the work shop together were interested in Fundoshi, tenugui, sewing and kimono.


Thus we were talking cheerfully all the time.


Summer wind were breezing from the window comfortably,

we heard small sounds of train running brought by the wind.



The white cloth with Japanese soda bottle is my Fundoshi pants.


After that, I try to put it.




It is cool and light for my body.

I wanted to try wearing under the kimono because it is cool.


Why don't you try to wear Fundoshi pants?






Ms. Hiroko Yano's blog :


Ichigeya website :




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