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Fujisawa, Kanagawa, JAPAN

September 17, 2018

October 27, 2017

October 16, 2017

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The Art made of secondhand kimono and building material

April 19, 2018

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As an Editor

October 27, 2017

I am a trader of Kimono and Japanese products, but I have some roles in this town, Fujisawa.

One role is an editor.

An editor-of-chief of local magazine FUJISAWABITO was invited me as an editor in this summer.

After that, my new challenge has started.

It was certainly first time for me to edit magazine and to interview someone.

I was very busy some weeks.

However creating magazine was pleasure for me because I like to write articles.

It was an expedition to know new world I had not seen yet.



This is FUJISAWABITO magazine.

FUJISAWABITO means people of Fujisawa.

FUJISAWABITO is a free magazine.

We can get somewhere in Fujisawa city.


This is front page.

Do you know Ultra-seven?

The actor is Mr. Kouji Moritsugu.

He played a role as Dan Moroboshi, Ultra-seven.

He lives in Fujisawa from 50 years ago.

He is not only an actor but also owner of his restaurant.

The restaurant is sanctuary of Ultra-seven.



This is article of TOSCA, G. Puccini.
Fujisawa city will held an opera of Tosca in November.
Fujisawa Citizen Opera Association has the longest history of citizen opera association in Japan.
Conductor is Mr. Ryuichiro Sonoda.
He is a friendly person.
He has a home in Rome and lives there long years.
He conducted with singing in Italian when I visited practice hall.
I am looking forward to watch the TOSCA.


This is an article of a powerful women's meeting.

Manager,photographer, announcer, high executive...
They are partners of FUJISAWABITO.
They talked about working, job, parenting, nursing and so on.

As you may have noticed, I also appear in this page.




In addition, FUJISAWABITO magazine applied the competition ; Japan town magazine and free magazine competition award 2017.

Internet voting is being held until November 10.

It is 6th place in nationwide today.

If you interested in FUJISAWABITO, please click it everyday until November 10.





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